E-mail encryption at the MPC Group

E-mail becomes more and more important for business communication. Out of technical reasons an e-mail is not suited for a secure communication, so we cannot guarantee that an e-mail was sent by the right consigner and has not been manipulated on its way. For a secure communication it is necessary to encrypt an e-mail

On this account companies of the MPC Group use diverse methods for encryption. Besides the encryption per TLS (Transport Layer Security), which is based on servers, there are encryption methods using "public keys" and a possibility to create a PDF with password protection. All of these methods are offered by the service provider of the MPC Group, MPC IT Services.

To implement an encrypted e-mail communication MPC IT Services gladly supports every business partner of the MPC Group. Therefore you can contact us under telephone +49 (40) 3 80 22 1300. In the following we prepared a short description what needs to be considered if you want to encrypt an e-mail. 

To receive encrypted e-mails from the MPC Group
(1) If you transmit your "public key" to us, we can easily send an encrypted e-mail to your e-mail address.
(2) If your "public key" is not yet known to our system, we can send you an e-mail as a password protected PDF. In this case the password will be given to you in a different way (e.g. per telephone or SMS), to keep communication secure.

To send encrypted e-mails to the MPC Group
If you use an encryption tool on your end, it is possible that the receiver on our side will provide you with his "public key". This way you are able to encrypt your e-mail message. Inbound e-mail will be verified (PGP and S/MIME checking signature) and decrypted (PGP und S/MIME encryption) automatically.